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Change Management Is a Process Not a Project

BY: admin | May 9, 2019


A change management consultant works closely with your company to design, build and implement strategies to enhance business performance. The consultant’s specialized expertise helps to design and implement process and change interventions that generate value for your organization. Their proven ability to build, manage and foster a team-oriented environment and creatively work at problem-solving make them excellent leaders for change management. Find out how a change management consultant can benefit your company.


Determine the Need for Change

A consultant may begin by considering the reason for change. Although most people are uncomfortable with change, companies need to evolve to maintain their competitive edge. As a result, a consultant considers your culture and leadership goals when determining which approach to take.    


Create Urgency

The first step in creating organization-wide support for change involves creating a sense of urgency. In addition to using data and statistics to explain the reasons for change, the consultant communicates in an honest, convincing way about market pressures, competition and how the changes set up your business for additional success. Having leadership on board encourages enthusiasm about the change being positive, which trickles down throughout the organization.


Form a Coalition

During the second step of change management, a consultant further lays the foundation for change by involving those who know it will be for the better. Having supporters lead, explain and sustain the sense of urgency and need encourages those who are against change or undecided to get on board with wanting change. Having a mix of people encouraging change promotes buy-in from employees at all levels.


Create and Communicate a Vision

The third and fourth steps involve developing and communicating a clear vision of what the change will look like. The consultant helps create one or two sentences to explain the result of change. They frequently and effectively communicate the vision throughout your company. People can ask questions to better clarify what needs to happen and why. When the vision is easily explained and understood, buy-in comes more readily.


Remove Obstacles and Celebrate Wins

In the fifth and sixth steps, most people should want to achieve the vision being promoted. For those who are not yet on board, the consultant works to remove the obstacles. The consultant creates short-term, achievable targets that move the organization to attaining long-term change. Each win results in rewarding those who work to reach it.


Build on and Anchor the Change

The seventh and eighth steps involve keeping the process going to achieve long-term change. The consultant helps by continually searching for improvements, change agents, ideas and wins. They also promote continuous change as part of company culture by encouraging leaders to continue supporting the change and sharing success stories.


Find a Change Management Consultant in Chicago

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