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Gratitude, Grace, and the Art of the Thank You Note

BY: Emily Garelli | February 5, 2023

Thank you. These two words, sincerely written, exemplify grace and gratitude. In today’s changing job market, a thank you note can help hiring managers make their decision.

A recent survey by Ask Your Target Market found that only 25% of people send thank you notes following a professional interaction (i.e. job interview, networking event, etc.). With only one in four job applicants properly thanking their interviewer or potential employer, sending a well-written thank you note is sure to set a potential hire apart from the rest.

The same survey found that 72% of respondents think that paper thank you notes are more meaningful than electronic ones. When determining whether to send an electronic or a paper thank you note, consider the recipient. If they travel frequently or have expressed that they have little regard for handwritten notes, then an email should be sufficient. Paper, however, remains the preferred method.

Regardless of how a thank you note is sent, there are three rules to follow:

• Be prompt – the more time goes by following the interaction, the less impactful the note will be – a “sweet spot” is 2-3 days following the meeting.
• Be professional – whether it is handwritten or electronic, avoid exclamation marks, smiley faces, etc.
• Be precise – as succinctly as possible, remind the individual of how you can best help them (or their organization) achieve their goals.

The Oxford Dictionary defines gratitude as “…the quality of being thankful; readiness to show appreciation for and to return kindness…” In pursuing a new job, group membership, board position, etc. a well-crafted thank you note can help increase the chances of success.

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