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Hiring Headaches You Can Avoid: Search Fatigue

BY: admin | May 10, 2019



Like many employers, you may struggle to fill open roles. Although the skills shortage may be to blame, the longer you take to find qualified employees, the longer you remain operating below peak performance. You want to position yourself so when positions open, you have enough qualified candidates to choose from to continue business processes. Learn to overcome three of the most common obstacles to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of your hiring process.


Cultivate Your Candidate Pools

By continually adding to your candidate pools, you always have talent to reach out to when a job opens up. A candidate pool is a small, targeted group of candidates who are prescreened, pre-assessed and potentially ready to work for you because of previous interest in a job posting. There are eight streams of talent you can use to cultivate your candidate pools: advertising, automation, candidate mining, market presence, networking, referrals, talent manufacturing, and talent scouts. Evaluate how your company accesses each stream and which streams lead to successful hires. Determine which streams hires from the last six to 12 months came from and which streams were underused. Focus on cultivating candidates from each stream to add to your pools.


Implement Accurate Interview Methods

Use interview methods that reveal whether a candidate truly can perform the work duties. For instance, think about whether each technique reveals true proof of a candidate’s fitness for the role. If it does, find out how to streamline the technique and receive the same proof. If not, determine how to replace or eliminate the technique. For instance, video interviews may be recorded and reviewed multiple times, so more team members can participate in hiring decisions. Using artificial intelligence technology, deep machine learning and facial recognition software to assess taped interviews reveals facial expressions and subtle movements to determine whether the information provided matches previous high-quality hires. Giving interviewees a problem from the job to solve lets you assess their solution and the steps they took to reach it.


Maintain a Candidate Pipeline

Cultivating a candidate pipeline means having potential hires available to choose from when needed. To assess your company’s pipelining strategies, begin by answering questions about your most critical roles. For instance, if candidates for each role are not yet ready to be hired, your pipeline needs to improve. To find qualified candidates, determine what type of person fits best with your company environment. Think about which types of candidates to target, such as those who qualify for your most frequently vacant and hard-to-fill roles. Determine how to advertise your employer brand to generate interest in joining your pipeline. Keep your pipeline engaged through email campaigns, offering an e-newsletter, and hosting events.  


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